Airlines need to be prepared - to immediately respond to an aircraft accident, serious incident, inflight emergency, ground incident, security incident, or other type of emergency.  Crisis Management of an aircraft accident or incident is very complex and fast moving, with command decisions needing to be made by the airline leadership - quickly, correctly, and decisively. There is no time after an aircraft accident for Emergency Response training of airline staff or policy making. Therefore, the majority of Emergency Response Planning and training should be done well ahead of time, and on a recurring basis. The best Emergency Response training is conducted at your offices, with your employees working and learning together - based on scenarios that match your airline's Flight Operations. Airline Emergency Response training should not only include power-point slides and videos - but also incorporate practical exercises and activities where employees can practice the skills and concepts they have learned. Airlines should hold Emergency Response training every year - to ensure employees maintain their knowledge and skill levels, as well as training new employees, and ensuring key emergency response seat holder positions are trained. 
The most important part of Emergency Response training is to conclude the training course(s) with an Emergency Response Drill / Exercise. Emergency Response Drills should be developed to test the airline's Emergency Response Plan and Manual against possible accident scenarios. An Emergency Response Drill takes the airline's Emergency Response Plan and Manual "off of the shelf" and puts it into practice - with a realistic scenario. Employees learn as much or more than they did in the Emergency Response training courses - because they are now working through their actual Emergency Response checklists and practicing communicating with each other. Debriefing of the Emergency Response Drill should result in findings and recommendations - that once implemented will improved specific Emergency Response Checklists and the overall Emergency Response Plan and Manual.While Safety Management Systems (SMS), IOSA Audits and Certification, and other Safety Programs mitigate risk, Emergency Response training is equally important - to ensure that the airline is prepared - should an accident or emergency occur. While Emergency Response training can initially seem scary or may cause some anxiety - most airline employees come away from the training courses with a positive feeling - that they now know what to expect if an accident or emergency occurs, and that they have the training, skills, and checklists needed. Good Emergency Response training not only helps the airline provide compassionate assistance to survivors and family members, it prepares the airline for competent participation in the government accident investigation, crisis communications, and provides a structured transition process to the insurer..

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Training for Airline Emergency Response is very specific and specialized, you want an instructor with real-world commercial aviation accident experience.  Jason Kelly has been Director of Emergency Management at Continental Airlines and led Go Teams three times - to two major airline accidents, and one severe turbulence incident.  Airline Emergency Response preparedness requires planning and training, including.  Airline Emergency Response consists of the following teams: airports, call center, operations control center, emergency command center, go team, safety investigation team, and the special assistance team or family assistance team.  All domestic airlines in the United States, and  foreign that operate flights into the United States need to comply with the United States Aviation Disaster Family Act of 1996 or the Foreign Air Carrier act of 1997.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has outlined these requirements in the United States Federal Family Assistance Plan.  Airlines must also file a Letter of Assurances with both the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). 

All aviation companies need an emergency response plan and training, this includes Charter Operators, Corporate Flight Departments, Helicopter Operators, Air Medical operators, Cargo operators, Tour Operators, Flight Schools, and Aircraft Manufacturers.


Emergency Response Team 

Our Expert Go Team responds to client accidents, side by side with you - when you need us the most. 

Emergency Response Training

Ensure your employees are properly trained in Emergency Response. 

Emergency Response Planning 

Professional review and updates to your company's Emergency Response Manual. 

Crisis Advisors is an Emergency Response Planning, Training and Response company, offering expertise for airlines, regional airlines, charter operators, and aviation companies.  For airlines, Crisis Advisors has a wide range of experience with different types of  Flight Operations - with clients in 18 countries on 5 continents.  Key focus for regional airline emergency response training is on Crew Family Assistance, the Safety Investigation, and coordination with the mainline airline.   Instructors all have commercial airline accident experience, and many are considered experts in their field.  Emergency Response Planning includes a review and update of the client's emergency response manual (ERM).  Emergency Response training is conducted onsite - at client offices.  The benefits of conducting training at your offices are: your company can learn as a team, and the training is customized to your flight operations - so you are applying the concepts to your flight operations.  your company can also practice what you have learned with an Emergency Response drill - where you practice your emergency response plan and checklists, practice crisis management and communications, and learn as a group.  Crisis Advisors also has an Expert Emergency Response Team, to respond to a client accident.  The team consists of experienced emergency Response professionals with commercial accident experience.  Services offered by the expert emergency response team include family assistance for passengers and crew, a third party emergency call center, crisis communications through a partner company, and safety investigation consulting from a crisis advisors expert.  Other services include recovery and return of personal effects and coordination of funeral services.

  • Emergency Response Planning
    • Review and update to existing Emergency Response Manual (ERM), or new manual available




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  • Emergency Response Training
    • Airline Emergency Response training

Crisis Advisors provides emergency response training to airlines and aviation companies around the world, including: Charter Operators, Corporate Flight Departments, Helicopter Operators, Air Medical operators, Cargo operators, Tour Operators, Flight Schools, and Aircraft Manufacturers.  Crisis Advisors provides the following emergency response  training courses: airline family assistance training, airline care team training, airline sat team training, airport emergency response training, call center emergency response training, operations control center emergency response training, go team training, safety investigation training, special assistance team training, crisis communications training, executive emergency response training, emergency command center training, emergency operations center training, ground handler emergency response training, fixed base operator (FBO) emergency response training, jet broker emergency response training.  We also offer emergency planning  which includes reviews and updates to airline and  aviation emergency response plans, and emergency response Manuals.  Crisis Advisors is able to customize  an Emergency Response Manual and Checklists for your company's Flight Operations. In addition we also conduct emergency response drills and exercises  for airlines and aviation companies.   Jason Kelly was Director of Emergency Management at Continental Airlines for 5 years, with worldwide responsibility for the Emergency Response Program.  Jason was Director of Emergency Management and Go Team leader for the Continental airlines flight 1404 accident, the continental connection flight 3407 (operated by ColganAir) accident, and the continental airlines flight 128 severe turbulence incident.  Crisis Advisors consultants have extensive commercial airline accident experience.  Crisis Advisors provides its emergency response team - professionally responding to client accidents.  Crisis Advisors has clients in 18 countries on 5 different continents.

  • Aviation Emergency Response training


Don't be caught unprepared.  Make sure your airline is trained and ready to face an emergency.  Crisis Advisors offers specialized Emergency Response training - conducted at your offices, customized for your Flight Operations.  


Emergency Response Planning ensures airlines and aviation companies are prepared for an airline accident, emergency, security threat, or crisis.  Crisis Advisors offers a 1 day aviation emergency response training course to aviation companies, including: Charter Operators, Corporate Flight Departments, Helicopter Operators, Air Medical operators, Cargo operators, Tour Operators, Flight Schools, and Aircraft Manufacturers.   Conducting emergency response drills or exercises  for airlines and aviation companies helps ensure employees know what is in their Emergency Response Manual, and their specific Emergency Response checklist.  Crisis Advisors ensures your company's Emergency Response Manual and Checklists are correct for your company's Flight Operations, Regulatory requirements and laws, and Region of the world. 


  • Continental Airlines Flight 1404 accident
  • Continental Connection / ColganAir Flight 3407 accident
  • Continental Airlines Flight 128 severe turbulence incident.  

Crisis Advisors clients include:

Jason Kelly was Director of Emergency Management at Continental Airlines for 5 years, with worldwide responsibility for the Emergency Response Program.  Jason was Director of Emergency Management and Go Team leader for:



Crisis Advisors has clients in 18 countries, on 5 continents.

Emergency Response Planning and Training

For airlines and aviation companies

Crisis Advisors team members have extensive accident experience and many are considered experts in their respective fields.

  • Expert Emergency Response Team
    • Professional Special Assistance Team and other services available - to respond to client accidents

At Crisis Advisors we believe in preparing your company to effectively respond and manage an airline accident or crisis.   

Should your company have an accident - Crisis Advisors offers its Expert Emergency Response Team, to respond with you, side by side, when you need us the most. 

Airline Emergency Response Planning & Training